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Specialty Pharmacy Services, Information and Forms

CVS Caremark is dedicated to helping physicians manage and help their patients who are suffering from complex disorders and require specialized therapies and personalized care. Together, we can help more people lead longer and healthier lives.

What are specialty pharmaceuticals?

A new, rapidly growing category of drugs, specialty pharmaceuticals are the result of continued advances in drug development technology and design. They are created to target and treat medical conditions and include bioengineered proteins, blood-driven products and complex molecules.

Specialty pharmaceuticals:

  • are used in the management of specific chronic or genetic conditions
  • are often injectable or infused medicines, but may also include oral medicines
  • require additional education of the member and close monitoring of their clinical response in collaboration with their doctor
  • may require member-specific dosing, medical devices to administer the medicine, and/or special handling and delivery
  • require extensive member education for safe and cost-effective use

To learn more about our Specialty Pharmacy Services, visit the CVS/specialty web site at

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