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Medication Safety Alerts

BD Eclipse Needles Product Advisory

Becton Dickinson issued a voluntary product advisory on BD Eclipse Needles. This advisory was issued because of the risk of needle stick injury (NSI). There may be an audible “click” sound before the safety cover is locked followed by a second “click” sound when the safety cover is locked over the needle. This may increase the risk of NSI if the user assumes the safety cover is locked after the initial “click”.

This may represent a potential health hazard or safety risk to plan members who may be using BD Eclipse Needles.

Please note: Becton Dickinson has stated that the product can still be used. Please follow the instructions below to make sure the safety cover is locked while using your BD Eclipse Needles:

  • Center your thumb or forefinger on the textured pad and push the safety cover forward over the needle until you hear or feel it lock.
  • Visually confirm that the needle is covered when pushing the safety cover over the needle.

Examples of un-locked and locked BD Eclipse Needles are provided here:

Please follow any additional instructions for use provided by BD or your doctor.

CVS Caremark Response:

If you are currently using BD Eclipse Needles and have questions regarding this recall, please call your doctor or call Becton Dickinson toll-free at 1-877-650-7691, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (ET).

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